Vehere is a product company with a range of solutions. The goal of Vehere Alliance Program is to deliver Products through strategic alliances with other businesses.

As part of Vehere Alliance Program, you benefit from Vehere’s business success by harnessing the opportunity to expand your own business and striving to become a solution provider to the high-profile Government Agencies, Ministry of Interior, Defense, Law Enforcement and Intelligence (LENS) Agencies, Communication Business Owners and Service Providers. For its Alliance Program, Vehere is committed to creating an innovative program by merging the company’s expertise in the surveillance & interception technology domain with the alliance partners’ industry knowledge to provide an integrated alliance model for the joint customers.

The Alliance Program creates an opportunity for forging powerful relationships with worldwide system integrators & consultants Vehere’s flexible alliance program provides a business environment for selecting an Alliance or Partnership Level that best suits the Partner’s business needs. The program offered at each Alliance Level is committed to the growth and promotion of partner solutions and services
Vehere Sales Alliance Program is designed to help Solution Integrators and Managed Service Providers expand their businesses. Vehere’s premier technology solutions for the Communications Service Provider & various Government Agencies are designed to enable it’s alliance partners attract new customers, provide a collaborative platform for alliance partners to leverage each other’s strengths, and  enhance  revenue generation from the existing customer base.  The primary objective of Vehere Sales Alliance Program is to create a blueprint for joint success by providing extraordinary top- and bottom-line growth opportunities to Vehere Alliance Partners.

Alliance Levels

Associate Partners
This forms the entry level tier of Vehere Sales Alliance Program. The Program requirements and benefits are suitably structured to boost instant growth.

Premier Partners
Are those who have already invested a substantial amount of resources in developing Vehere solution expertise, have engaged in attracting large-enterprise prospects, have actively executed marketing programs, and have conducted network reviews and evaluations.

Elite Partners
Are those who have achieved the highest levels of Vehere’s sales and technical expertise and have invested substantial resources in promoting and implementing Vehere solutions in large business environments. In order to enlist in this Alliance Partnership Level, the prospective Partners must have multiple branch offices and should be highly committed to partnering with Vehere. Please refer to the table provided below to review the benefits offered at each Level in the Vehere Sales Alliance Program..
Vehere’s Technology Alliance Program offers products and solutions which complement the company’s  technology offerings. The Technology Alliance Partners can benefit from Vehere’s proven track record in the Government and Communication Services sectors. The Technology Alliance partners are presented in a business environment where they can seamlessly integrate their existing applications and solutions with the Vehere platform. From across a range of industries, Technology providers can create and develop innovative solutions for Vehere customers, thus promoting adoption of the Vehere platform.

The different levels of alliance partnerships offered in the  Technology Alliance Partners program are:

This is the basic level of Technology Alliance Program. This level helps in making the Vehere products and services available at a discount in order to support and assist joint solution development. This program is meant primarily for the startups or early-stage integration efforts, where hands-on working experience with Vehere technology is mandatory.

The Technology Alliance partners at this level have significant experience in developing solutions that utilize Vehere products to create a convincing joint solution offering for customers and sales alliance partners. At this level the Technology Alliance partners should be capable of aligning with Vehere in at least one geography.

Affiliate Level Technology Alliance Partners are those who possess the maximum amount of sales and technical competency in Vehere products and solutions and have significantly invested in promoting and implementing Vehere solutions that are part of a joint solution offering to customers and channel partners. The Affiliate Level Alliance Partners should be aligned with Vehere in all geographies.