Communications Interception

Vehere’s advanced communication intelligence solutions help Law Enforcement & National Security agencies to intercept, visualise and decipher vast communication information along with focus on advanced analytics and collaboration.

Vehere’s advanced communication interception technology encompasses the complete spectrum of monitoring including internet, voice, broadband, cable, fiber, NGN and satellite communications. The Integrated Monitoring Centre has an advanced analytics suite in an intuitive user interface.

Solutions use the cutting edge big data technology to handle the exponential growth of the communication traffic.

Keyword Search(KWS) on high density traffic

Mine new targets 

Collaboration features for seamless secured intelligence sharing on the field 

Advanced analytical tools and Cryptanalysis

Speech Intelligence & Analytics Framework

Vehere’s Speech Intelligence & Analytics Framework is a complete, proven solution that is used throughout the defense EW systems and intelligence community to efficiently, effectively and securely exploit and analyse the data, leading to more informed operational planning and strategic decision-making. The visualisation layer gives the users access to a suite of powerful analytic applications in an intuitive user interface.

VSIS – Speech Intelligence Framework comprises of speaker, language & keyword identification system. It classifies and manages masses of electronically available voices from various sources including all types of communication interceptions. It is an EW system

Cogentsia – Meta Data Analysis System extracts insight from petabytes of disparate data types, from signal intelligence to unstructured data. It’s analytical suite includes Link analysis, GIS Analysis and 100+ advanced analysis based on artificial intelligence

Open Source Web Intelligence - Collects large amount of valuable intelligence from the web. It transforms large volumes of open source content into structured and meaningful information for further analysis and investigation

Service Provider Compliance

Vehere’s solutions help the Communication Service Provider comply with ETSI, CALEA, TEC and country specific lawful interception mandates.

The Solutions are convergent lawful interception solution supporting virtually all voice and data networks  including PSTN, GSM, GPRS, 3G, LTE, CDMA, WCDMA, VoIP, xDSL, Satellite, IP, etc

It has flexible interfaces including Internal Interception Functions, External Interception Functions and Passive Taps.

The systems easily integrate with the existing eco-system of the Service Providers. They have an intuitive LI management console to ensure state-of-the art security and reliability to comply with the Government mandate.

Tactical Systems

Vehere’s Tactical Communication Intelligence solutions offer the best way to stay ahead of adaptive threats and disruptive events.
The tactical systems work on cellular networks and wi-fi networks

It enhances the capability of strategic systems. It extends communication interception and location tracking facility to the field operations

Provides an end-to-end, portable tactical intelligence system that includes collection, reconstruction, viewing, and analysis

Solves the difficult technological problems, hence the intelligence officers can solve the harder problems and stay a step ahead of those who would do great harm

Intelligent Spectrum Control System

Vehere’s Intelligent Spectrum Control System is a part of Vehere’s security and lifesaving communication series. It is based on Vehere’s advanced research platform.

It is designed for scenarios where communication must be restricted to fulfill requirements for safety and security of life and critical national assets

Intelligent Spectrum Control System allows only the authenticated phones to work 

Tactical Solutions – The Intelligent Spectrum Control Tactical System is implemented for convoys, urban warfare systems etc.

Strategic Solutions – are implemented to protect critical national assets. It is used in highly secured government offices, prisons, sensitive research labs etc.


Vehere’s Cryptanalysis Solution examines and decrypts the encrypted digital data and digital communications. This cutting edge solution enables the Cryptanalyst to decrypt new pieces of cipher-text of any digital data and digital communications without additional information. The salient features includes
Special purpose reconfigurable parallel FPGA machine optimised for code breaking tasks
Better performance-cost ratio than off-the-shelf computers
Analysis of all forms of encrypted digital data and digital communications without regards to the encryption algorithm used

Identification of the file and encryption type and extraction of necessary data for an automated password recovery

Decryption Capabilities for more than 65+ Encryption type with continuous research being carried out

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Law Enforcement & National Security

Law Enforcement & National Security

Vehere's advanced communication interception technology encompasses the complete spectrum of ...

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Vehere's cutting edge interception and analysis tools assist Defense Agencies ...

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Communication Service Provider

Communication Service Provider

Vehere assists Telecommunications Service Providers to comply with ETSI, CALEA, ...

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