Research And Development

Vehere is a research centric organization. Our research on the NGN network, distributed processing and image processing has received global accolades. Exploring these technologies, allow us to prepare for future communication platforms.

Gen-X Technologies

Since the beginning of this decade, people have been talking about ‘GenX Technology’. Previously, we heard about the term "advanced technology”; now everyone is thinking about ‘Next-Generation Technology’. So, what ideas are triggering in every one’s mind? Is the current technology obsolete and do we need an alternative to the existing technology? The answer is surely "no”. To fulfill requirements of the future’s demand, we have to update our model, logic, protocol, algorithm, or in some areas, we need to redefine the problem in a different way to include such new technological concepts.

The challenge behind the next-generation technology is to use minimum resources to obtain manageable and satisfactory results for the benefit of mankind. The success and performance of the next-generation technology depends on the efficient use of power (energy). This led our scientists to work in the field of cognitive and cloud computing, on-demand video streaming, vehicular ad-hoc network, biomedical information system, image processing and behavioral model. We at Vehere are working on these complex problems to enable a safer world.

The Big Data

The single version of the truth can only be inferred after correlating relevant facts from petabytes of continuous data storm. To investigate any fact or incident, we need to analyze multi format data from multiple sources in different time frames

Traditional data sources are very high in volume, complex communication pattern, which are available either in periodic dumps or in a streamed manner. The challenges facing data includes : getting the right information from it, transforming it to make it usable, massive computation to find patterns & executing artificial intelligence, storing information for fast access, managing the workflow and finally, making predictive reports available in almost real time at your finger tips. 

Inspite of great technological advancements, predicting an incident is still a human art which Vehere endorses.

Protecting Privacy Rights

The regulatory agencies who review the impact of lawful interception on social networking sites on an on-going basis are now facing steam from the privacy activists who seem to question the gradual erosion of privacy from the daily lives of citizens. With millions storming the social networking sites, the challenge remains to effectively protect the Nation without violating privacy rights.

Vehere believes that it is fundamentally important to collect, decipher and analyze information from varied networks and data sources while protecting an individual’s privacy rights.