Vehere expects its employees to achieve and maintain a high standard of ethics, professional conduct and work performance to ensure that the Company maintains its reputation with all internal and external stakeholders.

Our Core Values include:

Honesty and Integrity
Respect for people
Intolerance towards bureaucracy
Team Work
Boundary-less contribution
Search for and application of new ideas and innovations
Acceptance of change and seeing the growth opportunities it brings

Together with our Business Principles, they govern the way we work and make choices about people, investments and other resources.

Our Business Principles set out our responsibilities to customers, employees, business partners and society. They include commitments to fair competition, business integrity and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. They encourage employees to express themselves instinctively with frankness, communicate in a straightforward manner and put forth ideas to stimulate debates, criticize, rip apart and open up in a manner which helps in the development of the organization.

Code Of Conduct

The Vehere Code of Conduct explains how employees and anyone else acting on behalf of the Company must behave to live up to the Core Values and Business Principles. To ensure understanding of and adherence to the Code of Conduct the Company periodically provides all information to people about its importance.

Every employee is expected to act in accordance with the highest standards of personal and professional integrity; honesty and ethical conduct not only on Company premises and client locations but also at business and social events where they represent the organization.


We expect everyone in the Company to conduct their activities in compliance with the Code of Conduct. Leaders play an essential role in this, by being uncompromising with respect to compliance, making it clear through their actions and expectations that all business plans and activities must be undertaken in a responsible and ethical manner. Those who engage in conduct that is contrary to the ethical standards set forth may be subject to discipline, up to and including, termination of employment. The Company encourages free and open communication related to its Core Values and Business Principles.

Those who have questions or concerns regarding compliance are free to address them at any point of time with their managers, Human Resources or company leadership. We are confident that maintaining high integrity standards leads to achievement of business objectives which in turn leads to the success of the Company.