Communications Intelligence

Sophisticated strategic and tactical solutions in Communications Intelligence

Our Communications Intelligence Solutions help National Security, Law Enforcement and Defence Agencies to intercept, decipher and visualize massive communication information along with focus on deep analytics. The end-to-end solution embeds world’s leading technologies in data acquisition, processing, data mining, meta data analysis and big data analytics.

With more than a decade of experience in innovative engineering and design, building mission critical Integrated Monitoring Centers, Vehere’s Communications Intelligence Solution encompass the complete spectrum monitoring including E1 and STM (Internet/Voice), Wi-Fi, Cable, Fiber, NGN, Satellite (Thuraya/VSAT/Inmarsat/ISATPhone/Iridium) and Radio Spectrum (HF/VHF/UHF/Microwave Communications).

Lawful Interception, Data Retention And Geolocation

Engineering Innovations for Safe and Secure World.

We provide wide range of Lawful Interception, Data Retention and Geolocation solutions for Wireless and Wireline Telecom Operators and Internet Service Providers. It is a convergent lawful interception solution supporting virtually all voice and data networks including PSTN, GSM, GPRS, 3G, LTE, CDMA, WCDMA, VoIP, xDSL, Satellite, IP, and such like. The system has flexible interface for Internal Interception Functions, External Interception Functions and Passive Probes.
The system integrates with existing Eco-system of Service Providers helping them to comply with ETSI, CALEA, TEC and country specific lawful interception mandate. It has an intuitive LI management console to ensure security, reliability and compliance with the Government mandate.

Lawful Interception, Data Retention And Geolocation

Mass Interception

Intelligence And Analytics Platform

Uncover Hidden Patterns, Trends and Sequence of Events buried under Petabytes of Data


Vehere has a rich suite of Intelligence and Analytics Platform:

Data Fusion Platform processes massive multi-format structured and unstructured data to extract actionable intelligence. It enables the analyst to interact smoothly with data, ask better questions and make better decisions. It has sophisticated analytical tools and artificial intelligence engine that combine results from disparate data sources at once, visualize relationships, explore divergent hypotheses, discover unknown connections and bring hidden patterns to the surface.

Voice Analysis System classifies and manages voice prints that are electronically available from various communication systems. It includes Speaker, Language and Keyword Identification Systems. At the core of Speaker Identification System, is a language and text independent algorithm supporting statistical voice matching mechanism. Language Identification System distinguishes the language or dialects from voice prints.

Geographic Analysis System makes effective use of location attributes to create a geographical representation of data. It is an advanced analysis method, especially when combined with Monitoring Center and Visual Link Analysis.

Visual Link Analysis is the next generation data visualization and analysis solution. With progressive features and best-of-breed usability, it provides insight into patterns and trends hidden in the data. This enables the analysts to focus on organization's mission and challenges faced, by uncovering hidden links, multi-level hierarchical relationships, trends and sequence of events.

Open Source Web Intelligence system has natural language processing engine that crawls and collects publicly available information on the Internet (News Feeds, Websites, Social Networks, Blogs, Media, Deep Web and such like). It has entity recognition system that transforms the raw information into structured and actionable intelligence. Vehere’s OSINT Framework allows data harvesting at a massive scale and pace delivering the result on a unified collaborative platform.

Tactical Systems

Powerful and adaptable solutions to respond to mission critical tactical operations

Our Wi-Fi, Cellular and Satellite Tactical Units assist clients to stay ahead of adaptive threats and disruptive events. The system is rugged, man portable or vehicle based for adaptive reconnaissance and rapid deployment in austere environments. These systems are tightly integrated with every unit deployed to provide real-time intelligence to central command and control center to enable critical decision making.


Vehere’s Cryptanalysis Series

Utilizes the power of customized and specialized re-configurable hardware blocks that operate simultaneously to create advanced deciphering units.Vehere provides state-of-the-art deciphering units for GSM A5/1, GSM A5/2, WI-FI WEP, WI-FI WPA/2, GMR-1 and GMR-2. These specialized units provide high probability, speed and reliability.Customized solutions are available to examine and decrypt various encrypted digital data and communications.

High Grade IP Encryption

High Assurance end-to-end network encryption solution

Vehere Crypto, the High-Grade IP encryption device has been designed to meet Governments and Enterprise level requirements.Comprehensive Key Management System is the answer to an end-to-end full sovereign key generation and management, designed to meet the most intricate customer needs.